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E-commerce implementation requires both effective planning and integration – not only should your site be easy for customers to navigate (required for sales conversion!), visually, it needs to capture the vision of your brand and be search-engine optimized to boot.

TES Solutions can help you choose an ecommerce platform – integrated WordPress solutions, popular dedicated applications (Zen Cart, for example) or even third-party hosted options.

We have an understanding of consumer needs when they surf the web, and which features will keep them coming back to your site. If you need engaging content to make your own site more appealing, we can provide you with new and interesting ideas.

It’s rare to find a web consulting group that has proven experience with their OWN websites, and first-hand experience to draw upon. We strive to ensure the sites deployed are well-ranked and have popular appeal. Whether it’s e-commerce or an informative business website, the user experience is key – the site should be optimized for visitors, and we can help with that.

We stay on top of all the latest technologies and key factors for successful SEO, and have talented programmers at our disposal if you have a technical requirement that needs a high-level of expertise.