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We have used our extensive experience with financial software to develop custom solutions for clients in the investment and insurance industries.

Whether you require advanced portfolio modeling tools or want statistical analysis or predictive modeling, we can build custom applications to meet your exact requirements.

We offer a unique speciality in financial analysis/portfolio management software – the ability to integrate existing systems to produce relevant & valuable internal analysis. Define targets, measure results, automate the process.

Our team has extensive technical industry experience across numerous financial platforms and programming environments including:

  • FTSE/TMX Datalinx PC-Bond
  • Thomson Reuters PORTIA®
  • Live portfolio modeling with Bloomberg & Excel
  • Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Java, VB, VBA, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Shell Scripting
  • UNIX, Linux, Windows platforms

We have also developed information systems for QuickBooks, which involves exporting the data contained therein to a database. This allows for much more granular querying of your accounting data.

We can help you select the technology that will best accommodate your needs.

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